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Weekly Options – Weekly Options List


If you enjoy making money, trading monthly options are fun, one must admit. I look forward every month to making a trade whereby I may make anywhere from 5%, 10%, even maybe 20% for the month if I have a good trade. For some of us who like to trade, the last two weeks before options expire have become very, very popular. Becoming even more and more popular are weekly option. If you didn't know about weekly options, the name itself describes what these options are.

Weekly options are options that expire at the end of the week. They come out on a Thursday and they expire on the following Friday and they have become very popular because they provide investors like us a much more targeted investing opportunity. Trading on a weekly basis allows us to take advantage of certain things that can happen in the market such as market events, earnings, government economic reports, or new government news.

This particular type of option is appealing to daily traders that focus on strategies where time decay works for them, such as credits spreads. Since weekly options only have a life of one week, time decay happens very, very quickly. If an investor knows what he or she is doing they can take advantage of this decay and use it to their advantage to make a nice little profit each week. The opportunities are incredible!

Weekly option trading is especially useful for traders who can see how to make a nice little profit each week, can be a substantial growth to one's portfolio over a long term period. Often when we talk about trading options different strategies transcend monthly windows. Some strategies are considered longer-term and may go from 3 to 6 months. In these types of trades we are always looking for a nice modest gain. But the weekly options on the other hand offer an opportunity to the person who knows how to take advantage of it to make a nice little profit each week. If we put this in perspective, imagine a trader making 2% to 4% a week on their money. This doesn't seem like a lot when you look at the week in an isolated thought. But when you put together a year and you realize that this person is making to 2% every week, multiply that by 50 and you can imagine what happened to their investment in a very short period of time.

Weekly options offer something for everybody. In an ever increasing list of companies one can find ETF’s like the SPY, QQQQ, and GLD. We can also find large companies like American Express, Bank of America, Ford Motor Company, Apple, General Electric Co., Microsoft, and many more. The list continues to grow on a weekly basis and offers an incredible opportunity for those that are interested in trading options. If you have not yet explored how weekly actions might benefit you I would encourage you to do so.

There is a list of weekly options: Constantly updated, weekly options list at

Weekly Options Trading

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