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Options Brokers


When options investors want to make trades, the investors place the orders with their options brokers. The options brokers complete the transaction with the options exchanges.

Options exchanges are similar to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) but they specialize in the options market rather than the stock market. Like investing in stocks, trades are accomplished with the help of an investment broker.

The options broker charges a fee for the investment transactions. The broker may charge a monthly fee, a fee per trade, or a fee for a number of trades.

Brokers who charge a monthly fee may also charge a very small fee per trade. An investor may want to choose a broker whose fees match how the investor trades.

For example, an investor who makes many trades every month may find it cheaper to pay a monthly fee for trades rather than a flat fee for each trade. An investor who may not make options trades every month may want to use a broker who charges a flat fee per trade.

Some option brokers approve investors before allowing them to trade options. An options broker may require the investor to fund the account and maintain a minimum balance.

The option broker might approve some experienced investors for all options trades while limiting the types of trades that new investors can make. For the approval process, options investors may need to answer some questions to demonstrate their experience with options trading.

When opening a new account, the investor may need to supply the broker with proof of identity like a driver's license or state identification. If the new account is with an online broker, the investor may need to fax a copy of the identification.

An online options broker may have a disclaimer on the website about the risk of options trading. The disclaimer may say that options trading involves risk and investors should only use risk capital when investing in options.

Many online option brokers have educational tools for new investors. Some also have advanced resources for experienced traders who want to learn more complex options trading strategies.

An online broker may have trading software for investors. The trading software may make it easy for traders to get options information and make trades. Such software often provide relevant information about company information, options quotes, and charts.

Some brokerage firm websites have additional tools like options calculators, virtual trading software, and tutorials. With the options calculator, the investor can gather information about a specific option by entering the ticker symbol.

Virtual trading software allows investors to practice options strategies without risking any funds. Tutorials that are available on websites for options exchanges and brokers provide general information about options trading.

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