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Chicago Board Options Exchange


The Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) is the largest option exchange in the world. Dedicated to investors, the Chicago Board Options Exchange maintains a website containing information and tools that users can use to learn more about options and make investment decisions.

People who are new to options investing have different levels of understanding of options and options trading. Some new investors may have researched options or sought advice from an experienced investor and are ready to start. Other new investors may have little or no knowledge of options.

On the website for the CBOE, users can take an assessment and view educational materials that suit their current level of expertise on options trading. The educational materials offered by the CBOE include online courses, seminars, online tutorials, webcasts, and market commentary.

The Chicago Board Option Exchange website gives users delayed quotes of options and real-time quotes for stocks, options, and futures. The website includes other data like the annual market statistics.

Descriptions of the different types of products available to options investors is given on the website. Index options, binaries, interest rate options, and credit options are examples of some of the investment products that the Chicago Board Option Exchange offers to investors.

A free online options calculator is available on the website to help investors gather data about an option. The data a user can gather includes volatility, dividends amount, and the option greeks. The user needs to provide information about the option or enter the option symbol to receive the data.

The website offers virtual trading tools to let potential investors test their strategies without investing actual money. This can be beneficial for new investors or investors experimenting with a new strategy. The virtual trade function can be used for stocks as well as options.

One of the virtual trading tools called PaperTRADE is a simulated trading experience including full streaming quotes and charts. This tool displays company information and helps the user build option spreads.

The data available on the website includes option expiration calendar and holidays and a symbol directory. Other resources for investors include contract adjustments, data on new listings, fee schedules, and cycles and strike/month codes.

People who want to invest in options can do so with a local investment broker or an online broker. Internet brokers offer different services and different fee structures. Option investors can examine different online brokers and find one that suits their needs for the best value.

In addition to providing information to individual investors, the website provides data and tools to institutional investors, advisors, and financial professionals. Even seasoned investors can find the tools on the website useful.

The CBOE is not the only national options exchange. The Boston Options Exchange is another widely used options exchange in the United States.

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