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Trade Weekly Options Make 30-60% ROI Each Year!
Hello John Mylant John Mylantmy name is John Mylant and I trade weekly options spreads profitably with a very high success rate. I developed the Platinum Trading Strategy; a conservative, highly accurate trading system that has not had a losing trade since its inception nearly 2 years ago. Check our impressive track record at the below.

This is accomplished by not only technical and fundamental analysis but also by incorporating overall economic news and geopolitical events. The system trades only credit spreads on a weekly basis. It is a very short term system with trades lasting only two days and a return of 1% to 3% percent on invested capital.

The returns were 57% for 2013 and are on track for 43% for 2014. Too many people are failing to be profitable with option trading but are still searching for a strategy that works. Are you one of them? You can stop looking; you've found your answer here.

Have A Look At Our Impressive Track Record!

But don't just take my words for it, check out what my students said...


What My Students Like About My System

"One very important aspect of this system/coaching is, total and complete access to John 24-7. No other system offers anything close to this! In my opinion this is much more valuable than the system itself. John gets under the hood on so many market nuances that this education makes trading the actual system very easy. I have never lost with John's system. It is quite amazing.

I would recommend the system to anyone interested in making money. More importantly, I would recommend the coaching. John give insights to market action that he has gained over the years. This insight cannot be taught just by purchasing the system alone. Without coaching, one could make costly mistakes that could prove to be a major obstacle to profitable trading.

If one is serious about creating a consistent, profitable approach to the market, the cost of coaching is very minor investment along that path. Coaching will replace fear based mind set with a self-assured, confident approach to trading." - Duke Bushong

"It's very easy to get a hold of John when you want to talk to him any time, just a phone call away. His trades and analysis of the market are accurate. His teaching on safe, conservative and consistent profitable trading has made me money. I would recommend this system to any one that wants to learn how to trade and consistently making money in the long term way." - Thong Phosy

"I feel comfortable with John's approach because he is knowledgeable, thorough and cautious." - Tom Flanagan

"In response to your question as to how is my trading going... Well to be honest it's going so good I'm starting to scare myself. I can't seem to decide if you are really that good or really that lucky. I am so impressed in the way you can pick the direction of the market. Your success is astounding." - Richard Shepherd

"I would highly recommend John's trading system to others who are looking for a trading system that requires minimal effort, is highly predictable, and avoids bad trades. John's training is very comprehensive and he makes sure that you understand how to pick a profitable trade with minimal risk." - Richard Jackler

"I trade with John because I want to trade full time, and now I am making enough money consistently to do so. Each week I trade I make money. It is that simple." - Anthony Geraldi

Become A Successful Options Trader!


My Zero Risk, Performance Money Back Guarantee!
money back guaranteeI am 99% certain that I can teach you how to be profitable making money trading options using my system. That's one of the reasons I can offer this Performance Guarantee. I am offering you a guarantee if you are not winning 90% of the time while I am training you, I will return all the money you paid to me. I know you will perform up to my expectations as I have never had anyone underperform.

**Conditions: This guarantee is only for coaching students who undergo a minimum of 12 weeks of coaching, only trades done in the duration of the training period be taken into consideration, lastly the student must also follow the system and instructions only from me, failure to do so the guarantee will be nullified immediately. Sounds fair, right?

Call Me If You Like This Money Back Guarantee!


You Can Start Making Money Trading Weekly Options Now!
Let's summarise. If you are looking to learn and adopt a profitable trading system/strategy, you will want it to be proven, consistently profitable, sustainable, accurate, suitable for your needs and definitely some form of certainty and reassurance? What if I tell you that my system has all of that?

With my system, you will not only learn the concept of profitable trading but just as importantly, the concept of retaining your profits through a uniquely disciplined, conservative approach. And since individuals learn in various ways, we can customize an approach that caters to you.

A Quick Look At The 2 Ways To Learn To Trade Weekly Options With Me

Personal Coaching — If you are serious about investing your own money and want to accelerate the learning process without having to deal with the "trial and error" learning curve, then working with me as your personal investment coach is the way to do it. Not only do you reap the benefit of my experience, but discussing and analyzing trades is a significant benefit to learning on your own. You will accelerate your learning process tenfold by working with me.


Self-Paced Guided Study — If budget is an issue and you are in no hurry and would like to learn at your own pace at your own time, then just purchasing the "how to" trading manual studying on your own would be the best approach. It is less expensive and does allow you to learn at your own pace and at your own convenience. You will still be guided by me, with 3 one-on-one Skype sessions so questions will still be answered in real time during those sessions!

A safe, proven and consistently profitable options trading system. A coach that you can call when you have any question. A no-risk money back guarantee. An hour a week input from you. 30-50% ROI per year. You have nothing to lose and all to gain. Take Action Now!

Trade Weekly Options Now

Call me at (719) 679-2886 to chat or fill out the form at the top and let me know when you would like me to call you. I am accessible to you and this is uniquely important in this industry, there ain't many around. You have probably already spent hours or days researching online, searching for the solution to your problem, why not just spend 10 minutes to speak to me and get the answers you have been looking for?

Trade SignalsWe Also Offer Trade Alert Services. Call Me And Ask Me.Trade Alert Service

Disclaimer: The risk of loss in trading any financial vehicles such as securities, options, futures and forex can be substantial. Members must consider all relevant risk factors, including their own individual financial situation, before going into trading. Options involve risk (as in trading with any other channels) and are not suitable for all investors. See Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options. Past results of any individual trader or trading system published by us are not indicative of future returns by that trader or system, and are not indicative of guaranteed future returns which may be realized by members.

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